Charter Fishing Rates

Half day and Full Day charters available. Call for pricing.

On the Water Fishing Seminars (Included with your paid charter)

Are you a beginner? Interested in learning about this exciting sport? Maybe you have your own boat and want to learn new techniques from a pro. Maybe you just want to learn the Ludington area. Here's your chance. Captain Mike will take the time to share his knowledge with you. You can operate the equipment.. The Captain likes participation.

Here's a great opportunity, actual hands on learning. How to fish the Great Lakes for salmon and trout. Methods and techniques used by professional anglers.

Learn different methods of fishing that will increases your success rate.

  1.  Down rigger operation
  2.  How to run sliders or add a stacker
  3.  Successfully run and operate multi divers
  4.  How to run Lead Drops
  5.  How to run Lead Core / do's and don'ts
  6.  Running multi bird rods
  7.  Operation of electronic equipment. Fish Finder, GPS, Temp Troll, Radar
  8.  Water temps and current
  9.  Fishing braided wire

The Captain will try to answer all your questions.

What are you waiting for? This seminar is a bonus. Just call or E-mail . Tell me what you are interested in learning and book a charter at the regular rate. Get your buddies together and lets go catch and learn.

Just like a regular charter but you get a little knowledge to go with the cooler of fish.

"After a trip like this you may not have to lie"


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